Monday, January 30, 2012

Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution...

..but a metal recycling facility behind your house certainly is. I was looking for some ways to deaden the metal crunching sound in our bedrooms so Elle and I can get our afternoon naps. On Pinterest, I saw that someone had covered foam insulation board with fabric to hang on their walls, so we decided to have some cut to fit our bedroom windows and cover them with fabric. Elle and I went to Home Depot last week to price the boards, we would need 3, and they came in 4' x 8' sheets. Since I couldn't fit them in the car that day, I mentioned it while at my parents that weekend, luckily, Dad had some extra when he insulated the shop several years ago...$50 savings...SCORE! I think I ended up spending about $85 on fabric for the 3, but got home decor fabric for the master, and that's more expensive, but much thicker than regular broadcloth. I have Elle's room done, it turned out pretty cute too, with the matching paisley fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. It helps with the noise and I like it, it's a WIN! Next, to get the master bedroom done.

Shadow box of Elle's newborn pj's, NASA hat from Aunt B and handmade shoes from Tiffany. They look so cute in there!

Here's Elle's Tutu table that mom and I made last fall. I still love the birds I painted, but loathe the look of this chair. It will be in my next garage sale.

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