Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrating Everything

I read somewhere that it's a fun idea to celebrate everything. Pi day, sure, apple this year, maybe pumpkin next year. Geek Pride day was last week, which, we celebrate Geek Pride year round in our house. Here's some things we did last month:

First, we started with the Royal Wedding, yeah, we both wore tiaras. What better way to remember it, and we had a great picture that was a lot of fun.

Then we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Las Fajitas, no photos, but it did involve our "usual" plus what they consider to be a small margarita.

Then, they Kentucky Derby. I made mint juleps, which turned out a little less mint and a little less julep and more straight bourbon. At least it was just us and I didn't have anyone to impress with my mad bar-tending skills.

And for the Kentucky Derby, you have to have hat.

Matt and I "bet" on the final race, which I think is called the Triple Crown. None of my horses even placed, Matt had 3 of the 4, wish we had money on that game.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please forward my mail to our local Pottery Barn

I really want to live in Pottery Barn, like that pregnant girl lived at Walmart or Jimmy lived in the supermarket on Raising Hope last week. It's so organized, uncluttered, clean, cool and crisp. I love the look, all their stuff and most of the homes that are featured in their catalogs. Getting a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail is like getting the Christmas toy catalog as a child, I think I get just about as excited now as I did then. What will we order? Probably nothing, just the same as it was then, but I love looking. Now, I have found that I can get the look for much much less. There was a mirror that I wanted that was around $800, I found one similar to it at Hobby Lobby for $60 on sale.

Recently at Pottery Barn they were featuring their outdoor furniture. I think living in Arkansas and outdoor furniture has a lot of romance to it. We seem to have two seasons in NWA, winter and Hades, we do have a few days that are exceptions and classify as spring and fall, but not many. No need for much outdoor furniture, when Hades sets in usually in May, I will be scurrying from one air conditioned building to another, which is better than last summer, I waddled from one to another.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remington for President.

I really don't have time to post anything, our house is an absolute wreck! My dad installed built in shelves in the living room yesterday, I just got out some summer clothes that are piled on top of the unmade bed, baby stuff is scattered all over the living room and I still need to get ready to leave to go to the vet this afternoon. But this is good.

I thought when I wasn't pregnant any longer the crazy dreams would go away. I THOUGHT, but I was wrong. Last night, I had a dream that I was certain that Remy could win the next Presidential election by write in vote. And his campaign was based entirely on finances. I can't believe that I don't remember the slogan...something about government overspending on budget plus all the government programs like welfare. Remington Yeager for president 2012...because career politicians don't seem to be working out.