Friday, November 19, 2010


For the past 4 weeks or so Elle has been sleeping all night in a bed next to us. Yesterday, I finally hooked up the baby monitor, an older video monitor I bought at a garage sale for $25, it's not a fancy new one but seeing the $200 price on them, I'm happy with ours. Matt is calling it Elle-evisioin. When we were getting ready to put her to bed in her crib, I was expecting a long period of crying. To our surprise, she only cried for a few seconds, and went to sleep quickly and slept all night. She made a 90 degree turn in the middle of the night so I moved her blanket out of the crib. I didn't sleep very well and spent a lot of the night watching her. I'm optimistic for tonight.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

War Eagle Mill

Corn Maze with an unhappy baby

As the World Turns.

As the World Turns, the dog moves to keep up with sun. Remy's favorite place to hang out on a nice sunny day is the floor in Elle's room. I watched him one day and he moved with the sun, all day. The first picture is the morning, almost as soon as the sun hits the floor, then mid-day, Elle's in that one playing, and finally, he's soaking up what little sun is left before it sets for the day.

I bought a Lysol automatic sprayer for Elle's room. When I first brought it home, I just set it in the window. Remy checked it out and when it sprayed he ran away. I have it hanging on the wall above the closet now. He was laying in the floor sunbathing this morning and it sprayed, just jumped up and ran out of the room. He's such a chicken for such a large dog.