Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kill Your TV

I remember seeing this hippies with "Kill Your TV" bumber stickers and wondering why someone would possibly do that. After realizing that we were paying $80/month for basic U-Verse or cable equivilant with only mediocre programming, we decided to just shut it off and go to Netflix streaming, Hulu, plus we bought a lifetime subscription to PlayOn, which is pretty nice. We could affford cable, but there wasn't much on anymore, HGTV become basically House Hunters (boo) and we just decided it wasn't worth it. It was worth dropping the bill by $70/month....80 cost-10 for Netflix. That's just more in savings and I like seeing that grow!
In the past month, I have finished a book I started last spring Bring Up Girls by James Dobson, read I Love You, Ronnie by Nancy Reagan, and am nearly halfway through Ted, White and Blue by Ted Nugent. I've learned that you need to take Ted in small doses, if not, you could become just like him. I also squeezed in You're Broke Because You Want To Be, by Larry Winget late last week. Larry's awesome! Everyone should read Larry's books. And I'm also still working my way through my camera for dummies book.
Plus, I get a lot more done around the house. I've mopped the kitchen floor twice this week.
So, I'm glad we killed the tv. RIP U-verse, it was nice knowing you.

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