Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raising Hope

Matt and I love to watch Raising Hope on Fox. Every week, it seems that Elle has something just like Hope. Usually, it's an outfit, last night it was a plastic bowl. A few months ago, after we started noticing this, Matt says to me "I didn't think we were white trash." I'm fairly certain that we are not, but do annoying people know they are annoying?

Watch full episodes here.

A baby, a bunny and 2 baby chicks walk into a...

photo studio. Sure, everyone always posts the sweet, cute, perfect little photos that show how much talent that they have, but I think the real story is in the photos that no one sees. Here's ours, these are not edited, so they are not perfect. No animal was harmed during this process and everyone was returned safely across the street to the feed store.

The bunny seems to be praying "Lord, please get me away from this baby and let me get back to the feed store ALIVE."

This is my favorite. She sneaking up on those two unsuspecting little chicks. She looks so mischievous.

" two again."

"You, come here."

Reach for it.

Soft bunny.

Ack!! (Seriously, the bunny was FINE!)

Uh oh, mom took the bunny away.

I think we're ALL done here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A trip to Grandma and Grandpa's

Here's what Elle and I did last week:

At home, Baby Curling

Elle is finally crawling, but rolling is her preferred method of transportation, it's much more efficient.

Inspecting the fireplace. And before anyone freaks out about her being over there, the pilot light is not lit and there's plexi-glass in front, not actual glass.

Doing some quality control on her Birthday present. They were on sale, so we bought them early.

Pictures with the flowers.

She learned the clap (and wave too, but I don't have a picture of that yet)

I painted the shelves for the built-ins Dad built for our living room. Painting sucks.

I made some things for my Mom's bake sale....on the left, those are jars of chocolate dipped marshmellows with sprinkles, on the right, white chocolate covered popcorn and peanuts.

They got Elle an wagon, so we walked over to GiGi's and picked some lilacs.

She really like riding around in it.

Just Pictures

Yea! Sun!!

8 months old

My baby can sit on a bar stool at the counter at 8 months. What can yours do? Or, her dad might be holding her on the stool, whatev.

Coach Purses and the Missouri Highway Patrol

Matt attended a geek conference in Vegas last week, and I decided that I couldn't be at home 24 hours a day for 4 days with a baby and not go completely insane, so Elle, Remington and I went to my parents. On Tuesday, I was driving from Noel to Gravette and came upon a Highway Patrol check point. I handed the officer my license but couldn't find my current insurance card, I could only find the 2010 card. He commented when I got my purse out that it was a Coach purse and his wife had just bought one. He didn't give me a ticket, or a warning and just said that he was sure I had current insurance since I had my 2010 card and to make sure it get it put in the car when I got home. So, I'm believing that my Coach purse saved me from getting a ticket. I think that validates the cost of the purse.

Friday, April 15, 2011

More stuff Matt says...

"Were you baby curling today?" Elle liked hanging out on the wood floors today and I got some cute pictures, to be posted later.

Curling is the only olympic sport worth watching, and it made a good Simpsons episode.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

That's real wine in that communion cup.

A few weeks ago, we went to dinner with the Pastor of a church we have been going to, along with some other friends. We had a good time. The Pastor ordered a Shiner Bock with dinner.

We've been brought up Baptist, and taught to think that alcohol, no matter what the amount is bad. We've changed our minds, as with everything, it's all about self-control and moderation. I've heard people say that Christians shouldn't drink in restaurants, in case others see them. Drinking in private and hiding it is a much healthier behavior, right?

But what about the alcoholics? What if someone struggling with drinking sees a Christian drinking? Does it motivate them and show them it's okay? I've heard this argument too. So, what about people who are addicted to overeating and are extremely obese. Do we need to stop eating in when in their company? Or someone who is anorexic? Do we need to eat as much as we can in front of them? What about people who are "addicted" to spending too much money by purchasing things they shouldn't be? Does that mean that Christians can never buy a BMW, bigger home, or those expensive jeans?

Let's stop debating over whether or not to drink, in public or at home. Instead we need to demonstrate moderation and self control in everything we do. A beer with dinner, okay, but know you're limit. HOW many calories do you have everyday? Hmm...might be time to cut back. And you might want to consider passing on those new shoes that would only be paid by credit card.