Saturday, September 25, 2010

One less dog

If you've ever met Abby you would know that she has the most energy of any dog I have ever met She is the sweetest dog and gets along with everyone but she was just too hyper to be around the Elle. She could leap over the sofa from a standing position and not ever touch it, it was truly amazing. She was the best to cuddle with. But, with things changing so much in our house, we decided to turn her back into the weimeraner rescue, where we got her from 4 years ago. They will find her a good home, one that will give her the exercise she needs.

As protected as Elle is right now, in her crib or carrier, I was thinking about what we would do when she started walking or crawling. I knew that Abby's chances of knocking her down or even into a piece of furniture were very high, so we contacted the rescue and since we got her there, they took her back. They even have a family coming next weekend to look at the rescue dogs and thought Abby might be a good fit for them! I hope so!

Remy is much more calm and I think he loves Elle. He'll sniff her, lick both her feet and then go on about his day.

We'll miss Abby greatly. I'll be glad when I not so sad and it doesn't hurt quite so much.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just like mom

Have you been doing something and suddenly realize that you have become your mother? I think I first had that thought when I was in college. I wish I remember what I was doing on that occasion that made me think that, but my most recent thing is right after Elle was born I was cleaning the house before Matt's mom came to clean the house. I remember my mom pre-cleaning the house before the housekeeper came when I was a kid. Maybe my mom wasn't so much as pre-cleaning as just putting things away, but as a child, that was cleaning to me and I thought it was very odd. I had to stop myself from cleaning the kitchen before Nan arrived, that was one thing she was here to do and in my eyes, I had become my mother. Not that it's a bad thing.

Monday, September 13, 2010

In case you missed them on Facebook....

Here's the studio photos we took at my dad's yesterday. Chill out Google, I own the copyrights to them.

Some snap shots...

Remy, Elle's great protector.

Sleeping on Dad

One month old!

Cute shoes that Tiffany made.

The real reason people have kids.