Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 So, it's been a while.  Many things have changed around our house.  Matt wanted to get a new sofa, with a sleeper, since I turned the guest room into a craft room.  Of course, a new sofa means re-decorating the living room, which means repainting the dining room and kitchen.  We went from tan to gray and LOVE it! More on that later.  Here is my latest project:  Elle's growth chart.  I didn't want something really childish-looking so I found this on Pinterest and since my dad has a cabinet shop he was nice enough to cut a board that fit this spot between the dining and living room. 
My board was 4" x 6'.  I purchased some stencils at Hobby Lobby, plus a black paint pen.  I started measuring the board at 6", so it hangs 6" off the floor to avoid the base trim. In pencil first,  I marked off each inch with a tape measure and added lines all the way across the board for each even foot.  The inch tick marks are about 1/2" and I used a small lettering triangle I had from college drafting/interior design classes to get the marks straight.  Then, I just traced over the pencil lines with a paint pen.  I stained the board and lightly sanded it once the stain was dry to age it a little.  I added a sawtooth hanger on the back and measure where it was to be hung on the wall.  Pretty simple. 

After the measurement.  She's 34" at almost 22 months.  

 I finally finished the apron I started at a friend's craft day back in November.  Matt's mom was the lucky recipient of this one for Mother's Day.  

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