Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter, the long hard road to spring.

I was looking through my Kindle books that I downloaded during the Christmas season and realized that Christmas went by way too fast. It always seems to, especially this year since i didn't get all of my seasonal books read. There's the huge anticipation, then the relief that the decorations can come down and the house be put back together after a good cleaning. And then there's the long wait until spring. Why even bother with Valentines day and St. Patrick's day? My eyes are set for March 31, Easter 2013.

Tonight I had a Beat the Winter Blues party for a few friends. What's better on a cold February night than hot cocoa, lots of yummy foods and a few goods friends? I don't think hubby is all that fond of my parties since he and the toddler have to spend an evening out of the house. Usually they visit Chick Fil A and maybe a stop at Cabela's.

I didn't get any photos tonight, sometimes people are too busy behind the camera to really live and participate in life. Not today, I fully enjoyed even minute of my friend time. I'm seriously blessed to have such fantastic women around.

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